I attended the Teacher Training Course at Nomad Yoga Hoi An in April 2017 and can only highly recommend it. Nomad Yoga was founded by the amazing Natalie, who created THE place in Hoi An to learn Yoga. For those who have been practising Yoga for a long time or those who are beginners, or indeed those who are passing by in Hoi An for a few days. From the moment you arrive, you will be welcomed to the Yoga community with like-minded people who all share passion for Yoga.

My experience of Yoga has been only a few classes in the past. I was recommended Nomad by a friend, and from the first class I attended I went back everyday.

My first lesson was taught by the highly experienced Rahul who from the first moment you meet him and attend his lesson, you know that this is top quality highly professional Yoga teaching, way above the lessons I attended in the past. His main style is Ashtanga but also teaches Hatha Vinyasa and “Gentle Challenge” Yoga (although the emphasis is more on the “Challenge” of the description!). His lessons will push you to your limit and he has an ability to make you go further than you thought you could. He is also very funny incidentally and you will enjoy and have many laughs with the group, whilst at the same time experiencing a 90 minutes full on lesson.
That was February 2017. In March I was told they are doing a TTC course in April and decided to join, mainly as a way to push my Yoga development further. It was not until the first week that I realised that I wanted to become a Yoga teacher.
The TTC course is one month of intense learning from 5am until 6pm, where you will not only get deeper into the Asanas and techniques, but you will also study the philosophy of Yoga and the human anatomy that all students must understand to become certified Yoga teachers. Mediation is taught as well as Pranayama.
The course is intense but you are given breaks in between, three meals a day and study time to go through what you have been taught.
I am now only at the beginning on my Yoga path, but the TTC at Nomad Yoga Hoi An is THE PLACE to learn and be trained if you want to become a Yoga teacher.

It was one of the best months of my life indeed and I also made friends for a lifetime whom together we have shared a truly special experience. I cannot highly recommended it enough.