Nomad Yoga: How It All Started…


One of the greatest rewards of doing a Yoga Teacher Training is that it opens up so many worlds you didn’t even know existed.

I decided to do my Yoga Teacher Training in 2014 – only to deepen my own practise.

I started practising yoga 1-2 years before when a friend was doing house calls to practise teaching yoga, and I had a demanding job where I didn’t feel like going out! So due to a little bit of laziness and things coming my way was how I got into yoga.

Not in a million years would I have imagined owning a yoga studio after only 1.5 years after doing my Yoga Teacher Training. Not everyone’s path leads to being a yoga teacher.

Always knowing I wanted to come back to Hoi An after my travels, I went back to hospitality for 6 months to top up my bank account.

While still figuring out what I want to do, knowing it was to be in Wellness/Retreats… I decided to do the paperwork to set up a foreign owned business, and at the same time to complete the paperwork to apply for the adoption of a child and try for a baby.

I think I had prayed to the Vietnamese gods and forgot to submit a timeline of when I would like each task completed, as it all happened at once.

Nomad Opened in January 2016, Tien arrived in August 2016 and I discovered I was pregnant in March 2017.

At one moment the adoption paperwork was going faster than the business licence, I thought this can’t be right, but I needed a location for my business, but the problem was I didn’t know what my business was to be.

Not long after arriving back in Hoi An I realised I really wanted to get back into my yoga practise in an authentic way with Indian teachers, NOTE: ULTERIOR MOTIVE IS WHAT INSPIRED NOMAD.

I called my Indian Yoga School and asked them if they wanted to send a teacher for 3 months to see what would happen, thinking we could have a small 10 mat yoga studio, how hard could that be to manage?

I called them 2 weeks before Xmas and the reply came “Yes BABA we will send a teacher on the 7th of January, it’s a good Auspicious day to start something new.”

OK… I hung up, thinking we just need a name, logo, website, 11 yoga mats and some flyers.

The first teacher they sent had never left Rishikesh before, therefore didn’t know there was a time difference between India & Thailand and missed his flight. Resulting in an overnight stay in the airport and arriving 1 hour late for the opening ceremony which I had to delay by 1 hour.

And this is how we started…

My goal is to inspire others to try yoga, it can be life enhancing or changing, I never ever imagined myself to be a business owner, never mind a yoga studio business!

What started as a small studio with 1 teacher has now put Yoga on the map in Hoi An and has grown into an amazing place for yogi’s, wellness travellers & Nomads to connect, relax, be inspired, deepen their yoga practise an, expand spiritual knowledge and soooo much more…