Nomad Yoga Wellness Retreats

“In the midst of movement & chaos, keep the stillness inside of you”  

– Deepak Chopra

Nomad Yoga Hoi An offers a space & community for independent wellness travellers to create their own yoga & wellness retreat to suit whatever style of travel you do.

Nomad Yoga in ancient Hoi An is the perfect place for independent wellness travellers to connect with like minded people and prioritise their health & wellbeing while enjoying the surroundings and immersing themselves in local culture

1 day, 3 days, 7 days…or anything in between, It’s your travel style & your retreat!

Copy of Get Lost in Stockholm

Private Yoga Lua Retreat

For the traveller who wants to slow down and connect with nature & themselves…

Experience the tranquility of the rice fields in Hoi An with Nomad Yoga’s Private Lua Retreats. Combine an easy bike ride through the rice paddies, where you may see water buffalo, bird life and local farmers while cycling from a private yoga class to a massage and brunch.

Full Day Yoga Immersion

Immerse yourself in all that is yoga for a day or as many days as you would like…Deepen your yoga practice and learn more about the philosophy of yoga and how you can incorporate this into your daily life.

Our full day Yoga Immersions include Pranayama, A morning Yoga Class, Breakfast, Philosophy & Chanting, Lunch & Asana Workshop.

Optional: 4pm &/or 6pm Drop in Yoga Class @ the studio

Private Yoga Immersion days available