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Victor is a 500 hour certified Yoga teacher from France. Victor’s spiritual Journey began in 2012 after a near death car accident. He discovered that yoga was not only a way to recover but also a way to find inner peace and happiness. For Victor, yoga is connecting the body, the breath and the mind, and finding stillness in that connection. He has taught classes, workshops and retreats in New York City, Costa Rica, South Africa and France.


Is a certified Yoga trainer from the Sri Sri school of Yoga and a full time faculty member of the worlds largest volunteer based organisation, The Art of Living. An avid Hatha Yoga practitioner, he is gifted with a deep understanding of the yogis philosophy. This is reflected in his classes as he effortlessly imparts the true essence of yoga to his students.


Victoria is a Yoga and Mindfulness student, teacher, and trainer based in Hoi An, Vietnam. Originally from Toronto, Canada, Victoria left the comforts of her home in 2016 to travel and explore different ways of being. While journeying through Southeast Asia and Australia, she discovered that Yoga, Mindfulness and Reiki are all modalities that enhance life – not just a practice for the mat. Her practice revolves around the simple question: “how can we live life with more love, peace, and joy?”


A very passionate and happy human being with a nice amount of good energy and high vibrations!

International Yoga teacher with over 10 years experience teaching and more than 15 years practicing worldwide.

His passion now is to provide a professional service of Holistic Therapies, including: Yoga Beats Project, Dance, DPTR Movement training, Meditation, Pranayama (Breath work) Didgeridoo Healings & Massage, these techniques benefit students from all backgrounds, ages and levels.

Pablo Yoga Teacher


Bianca has dedicated the past 10 years to understanding human behaviour and the inner workings of our conscious and subconscious mind. Using her Masters Degree in Psychology together with alternative Healing Modalities such as: Bodytalk, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Tarot, Meditation and LifePrint, she has discovered a way to merge conventional and alternative modalities. Bianca believes that we step into our own personal power when releasing old patterns and belief systems within the subconscious mind.


Lanie is the Marketing Manager at Nomad Yoga. Her background is in the fitness industry and she had her own business for 12 years in Australia. She did her Yoga Teacher Training at Nomad Yoga with the intention of teaching classes as part of her programme back home. However after her time at Nomad Yoga, Lanie decided to sell her business to fulfil a lifelong dream of living and working abroad. Lanie is co-facilitator of the Nomad Yoga Yin & Yang Retreats that brings all of her passions together, health, fitness, yoga and marketing.


Natalie is the Founder of Nomad Yoga Hoi An and has a vision to see Hoi An as the next wellness hub of Vietnam. Natalie started practicing yoga in 2012 after her friend had just completed her Yoga Teacher Training and needed someone to practice on. When Natalie’s friend opened a studio she started practicing regularly. In 2014 did Natalie did her Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal during 12 months of travel. Nomad Yoga opened in 2016. Since then Natalie has gone on to do her Prenatal and Yin Yoga Teacher Training. Natalie is passionate about health & wellness and is now co-facilitating the Nomad Yoga Yin & Yang Retreats that brings it all together!