50 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Yin Yoga is a relaxing practise which targets the deep connective tissues of the body. It is a wonderful way to gain mobility and feel calm, relaxed and refreshed. Take this opportunity to learn this deeply healing practice and integrate it into your Yoga techniques.

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Yin Yoga RYT50
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2020 Training Dates

May 25 – May 31


EARLY BIRD COST (before 1 April): $1,349

The price includes tuition fees, learning materials & 2 meals per day.


The price includes tuition fees, learning materials & 2 meals per day.


The price includes 8 nights accommodation, tuition fees, learning materials & 2 meals per day.

Deposit to Register and Secure your Place

A non-refundable US$200 deposit is required to secure your place.

Pay on your First Day

On the day of arrival, the remaining US$1149/US$1,249/US$1,399

is to be paid by lunchtime on the first day by PayPal or cash.

What Is Yin Yoga And Why Would Somebody Choose To Practice It?

Yoga, to me, is about connection and integration. Connection and integration of body, mind and spirit. Yin yoga is helping me find balance in my yoga practice and my life. Exercises that focus on muscles and blood are yang and exercises that focus on connective tissue is yin. Yang exercise is characterised by rhythm and repetition and yin exercises are characterised by gentle traction.

Yin Yoga is “a being” practice and gives us the perfect opportunity to practice this deep connection and integration with long held postures and inward focused techniques. Yin yoga uses long-held (3-5mins) floor based postures to temporarily “stress” the deep connective yin tissues in the body. Deep connective tissues in the body do not respond the same as muscles. They are able to resist brief stresses but slowly change when a moderate stress is maintained for a longer period of time (3-5mins). To stress the connective tissue around a joint the muscles must be relaxed. If the muscles are tense the connective tissue will not be targeted. Holding this stress with a connective tissue , to an appropriate edge, with muscles relaxed, for an extended period of time, creates a change in its fluids and results in a lengthening of the tissue and a feeling of space. This allows a greater movement of chi through the area, maintaining the health of the meridian system of the body, which is enjoyable and promotes the healing response.

Your Teacher – Linda Carofano

I have been practising a Yang style of yoga for 15 years and started due to injuries from a car accident. Fast forward 10 years, a few yoga training’s later and two yoga studios; I was in need of some down time.
My Yin Yoga practise is a time to relax, recharge, restore and find stillness in the busyness of life. It has made big differences to my range of motion, particularly in my hips.
I love the pace of a Yin Yoga practise to compliment everything else I do. I think we are all craving some downtime which is nourishing physically and an opportunity to practise being mindful.
I absolutely love teaching Yin Yoga. Guiding people into a place where they are able to find stillness and benefit physically, mentally, energetically and emotionally.

The Benefits Of A Regular Yin Yoga Practice

Physical benefits:

  • Improves flexibility, especially around joint sites
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Balances a yang yoga practice
  • Teaches physical relaxation and stillness
  • Promotes organ health

Energetic benefits:

  • Heals imbalances in the energetic body
  • Removes blockages of Chi
  • Maintains meridian health: better absorption of chi and healing capacity
  • Develop a storehouse of vitality in the body to draw upon

Mental benefits:

  • Creates a time to practice inner methods such as meditation or pranayama
  • Improves mental ease in stillness
  • Enhances clarity of the mind
  • Teaches us to rest in space without spacing out
  • Increases our inquisitive nature with our bodies and life

Emotional benefits:

  • Helps to balance emotions
  • Teaches us to observe emotions without reacting instantly.
  • Stress and anxiety reduction

Dong Nguyen Riverside

Syllabus & Daily schedule


  • Yin/Yang Theory
  • Tenants of Yin Yoga
  • Anatomy & Yin Yoga
  • Fascia
  • Meridians/Chi/Chinese Medicine
  • Benefits of Yin Yoga
  • Postures: Dialogue Examples, Modifications, Skeletal Differences and using Props
  • Mindfulness/Meditation/Breathing
  • Theme your Class
  • Sequence Examples


  • 8am meditation and yin yoga class
  • 9:30am breakfast
  • 10am-12:30pm: Theory
  • 12:30-1pm lunch
  • 1pm-4pm Theory with a short break
  • 4pm yin yoga class


  • “My name is Mikaela and I can proudly say that I attended and completed my TT in 2017 with Linda Carofano. When Linda announced that she would be holding her own TT I was on board right away- she has so much knowledge and passion for the yoga… it only made sense to be mentored by someone who believes in yoga wholeheartedly.”


    “Our training started in August and we hit the ground running. We covered a range of topics such as yoga philosophy, the cardiovascular, circulatory and nervous system. Emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well being, we had a range of guest speakers that spoke to us about healthy diet, chiropractic work, psychology, etc! TT has been one of my biggest accomplishments, it has taught me so much about myself, it has taken me to my truest most authentic self and it is such a honour to witness the physical, mental and emotional change in the students.”


    “Linda taught us everything she knows about the yoga, one thing that stuck out for me that I take into every class is ‘Teach for them, not you. Students are here to work through their stuff and it’s a privilege to be apart of the process.’ To teach is a selfless act, it forces you to take a step back and be available for those around you.”


    “Linda is an amazing mentor, rarely do we meet people with so much passion to create a change. She has spent countless hours mentoring us, working with us, talking through postures and doing her best to assist us in whatever it was that we needed. TT was a fantastic experience, we were all constantly supported; whether it came to different ways to memorise the dialogue, or overall support, she was there to offer a hand…it was a very special experience.”


    “Linda’s kindhearted nature has impacted each and everyone of us. I know that each time I take her class I am listening to ways that she interacts with students, how she handles corrections and how she is able to encourage the entire class. TT was an amazing experience and one that encourage people to explore.”

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